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 funny joke

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PostSubject: funny joke   funny joke EmptySun May 24, 2009 8:49 am

sorry about some spelling

one day there was a brick layer, laying bricks on top of a building when one day he accidently dropped one off the edge and yelled out falling brick he ran down stairs saved the guy and the guy gave him $100. So he thought what if i keep doing this, so he did it several more times and on his way up he meet a studering guy the studering guy said I I I nnno yyouur ttricck ccan I I haavve aa ggo, the brick layer said sure ill show you how you do it first so they went up to the top of the building and the brick layer pussed off a brick and yelled out falling brick he ran down stairs and saved a guy and got $100, ccan I haavee a ggo, yer sure the studering guy pussed off a brick and yelled out fffffucken got him.

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funny joke
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